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Monday, October 24, 2011

For One Night Only!

IF this first blog fails to inspire. I do hope to inspire, however, so let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Meg Wilson and I have written a novel that will be published and downloadable in just six short weeks. It's called Crappy New Year, published by Maine Authors Publishing.

Readers will go on a very realistic journey to Tess Amory's world. (I leave fantasy writing in the capable hands of my friend Cameron Rosenblum.) Anyway, Tess is thirteen and has just found out she is gaining a stepfather and stepsister in just a few short months. Since her father died just a year ago, she's hardly ready for this transition and can't understand how her mother can be so enthusiastic about it.

Her friend Ian, who has been living next door since Tess was in preschool, suddenly wants to be more than friends. To top it off, best friend Janie lied to Tess and has gone to a New Years Eve party at Kelly Stanford's house. Yes, crappy is an understatement, but things get even crappier before they get...well, you'll have to read it to find out. Details about publication and launch parties to follow!

I have been told that, since I'm already Tweeting and Friending, this Blogging is a piece of cake and necessary for new authors like me. I hope you will stay tuned while I find inspiring topics to share with you, mostly about stepfamilies and how know....adjust!

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  1. Go Meg! I look forward to your insight as I too am a partner in a stepfamily with a teenage girl. :)