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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, folks, we're just a few weeks away from the debut of Crappy New Year, and if there's a young teenager in your life, this may be the book she's looking for - a little bit of reality in a world filled with fantasy.

I am on the board at Kids First, where parents go to find help for their children and themselves during the tough transition from marriage to divorce, or from divorce to remarriage, or remarriage with stepkids involved. You get the idea. Visit for more about this amazing organization.

My goal is to see adolescents talking more about their family changes and how they've been affected by them. Kids around ages eleven and older have a harder time opening up about this stuff. They think kids in "normal" families will think differently about them. Fact is, many kids at this age ARE going through some kind of family restructuring, and they need not feel so alone!

Crappy New Year is not so crappy. It's funny, moves along at a fast clip, and will keep your daughters entertained. Heck, maybe even your sons!

I will be talking lots more about this, my first novel, in the next few weeks. Website will be up and running in time for Holiday shopping!

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